Brake Duct Installation Guide

Thank you for purchasing the Singular Motorsports Brake Ducts! The following instructions are applicable to both 2.5” and 3” models.

Our guide is focused on installation of our brake ducts without removal of the hub. If you are familiar with hub removal, you may install the brake ducts without cutting the OEM dust shield. The Front Hub Removal Guide on covers the removal process if you prefer that method.

The following tools are required for the installation:

  • Tin Snips
  • 12mm Wrench – Dust Shield Bolts
  • 14mm Wrench – Brake Caliper Bolts

Step 1:

Secure your vehicle on jackstands and remove the front wheels of the car.

Step 2:

Remove your brake caliper from the hub (Two 14mm bolts on the backside) and then remove the brake rotor. Take care to secure the brake caliper and do not let it hang freely from the line.

Step 3:

Remove the 12mm bolts (3 total) securing the dust shield into place. These bolts may be difficult to remove and be careful to not strip the bolt heads. If necessary soak the bolts with a penetrating oil first to aid removal:

Brake Duct Install Pic1

Step 4:

Using your tin snips, carefully cut into the dust shield at its narrowest point. (This area faces towards the rear of the vehicle). The photo below highlights the section to cut:


Step 5:

After cutting the dust shield with the tin snips as deep as the tip of the snips can get, there may be a small section still connected. The nose of the tin snips cannot get close enough to cut. Once you are down to this point, you can rock the dust shield back and forth to weaken the metal and pull the dust shield free. Here it is after removal:


Step 6:

Install the Singular Motorsports brake duct with the OEM dust shield hardware. Re-install the brake rotor and caliper to verify clearance between the rotor, caliper and the brake duct. If there are any clearance issues, bend the brake duct carefully by hand while it is mounted to create the appropriate clearance between components.

2.5inch Brake Duct installed

Step 7:

Route the hose for your brake ducts according to your vehicle’s space constraints and verify clearance with your wheel/tire combination. The inlet location for the hose is up to you, but here are some tips:

  • Place the inlet in a high pressure location – the nose of the car is the highest pressure area of most vehicles.
  • Close to the middle of the bumper is ideal, where airflow is directly in-line with the inlet opening. As the air moves sideways around the bumper shape, the air’s path is less in-line with an inlet opening that is further out towards the sides of the bumper.
  • An inlet placed low on the bumper is much more effective if you have a splitter which builds pressure ahead of the opening. If you do not have a splitter, consider placing the inlet higher.

Step 8:


3inch installed watermarked

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