Singular Motorsports 3″ Brake Duct Torture Test

Todd C from Texas has logged about 100 hours and counting with his endurance car using our 3″ brake ducts. After a “fair” test Todd reported the following:

I have been using your 3″ brake ducts now for about 2 years, and have logged ~100 hours on them endurance racing. Overall, I’m pretty happy with them. I went from melting XP12’s in 8 hours to having the ability to use brake pads for a few enduros if I wanted to. I recently ran the World Racing League race at COTA in February where we slowed from ~110 to levitra pills price ~40 mph 3 times approximately every 3 minutes plus the usual braking zones here and there to “keep the heat in”. I wanted to quantify the new braking system, so I placed brake temperature stickers at the back of the caliper, directly behind the piston. Based on the documentation on your website, I ran stickers that had a range of 390-450°F, but to my surprise, I was

unable to activate the sticker on either day which means that the actual temp was some value less than 390°F. I must say I’m quite impressed with that result. I think your brake ducts give us a competitive advantage over some of the other cars we race against because we can deeper in the brake zones for the entire race without having to compromise during anyone’s stint.


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